Social Distancing

We are avidly practicing social distancing. Only 3 clients are allowed in our lobby at a time and clients are at least 6 feet apart at all times. If there are already 3 clients in the lobby, you are to wait outside. We will call you into the lobby through our announcement system.

Disinfecting/ Cleaning Policies

We are steaming the entire inside of the building three times a day. We are cleaning doorknobs, door handles, and commonly shared surfaces with a special disinfectant designed to kill unwanted germs. Everything gets cleaned with our special disinfectant including our floors. We clean in the mornings when we get here, all throughout the day, and before we leave in the afternoon. Moreover, all staff have been provided with a video from the World Health Organization on how to properly wash their hands. I have attached the video here: Our staff washes their hands often to prevent infection and spreading. Hand sanitizer has been placed throughout the clinic for those times when we can’t reach a sink.

What if I am sick and my pet needs services?

DO NOT COME INTO THE CLINIC. Call us in advance and inform us of your situation and that you’re coming. Call us again upon arrival and we will send an employee out to your vehicle dressed in personal protective equipment(PPE) : surgical mask, protective eyewear, apron, gloves, etc. Your pet will be bathed immediately and you will get charged for that service in addition to the services your pet needs. There is a mobile (over the phone) option for payment that costs an extra $5 to process.

What do I do if my pet has come in contact with a person infected with COVID-19?

  1. Bathe your pet immediately wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves, an apron, protective eyewear, surgical mask, etc. This eliminates the chances of your pet spreading the disease by its hair.
  2. Isolate your pet for at least 14 days and do not come in contact with this pet unless you’re wearing PPE.

Don’t Forget to wash your hands effectively! Handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread along with keeping your hands off your face and out of your mouth. Besides handwashing, practice social distancing to ensure the safety of yourself!